Thursday, May 10, 2012

Turning Negative to Positive

Occasionally we may look at the state of the world and begin to think that the vast majority of what transpires is negative.  We see the state of our economy or our foreign policy or a church scandal and we could easily become discouraged.  Our society loves to tell bad news, and sadly, often so do many Christians.  What can be done to combat this barrage of negativity?
Scripture provides several solutions to negative thoughts.  First, spend time in the Word of God.  The Psalmist wrote, “Thy word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against Thee.”  When we focus on the timeless promises of God, negative news seems passing and temporary.
In addition to study, prayer is a key factor in staying positive.  It is amazing to write down a prayer or prayer list and then to see in a few months how the situations have either resolved or now seem unimportant.  Praying can focus the mind and crowd out the drama of negative thoughts.
Finally, meditation is an essential part of spiritual discipline.  Meditation doesn’t have to be a strange concept to us.  It is simply thinking about certain things and allowing the mind to focus around positive energy and thoughts.  If we would just spend some time thinking about all the good things in the world, we would soon run out of time to be caught up in the negative.  
Putting these three practices to use in our live will have us feeling better about the world and our place in it.  As we grow more positive in our approach to life we by necessity will leave off our negative thinking.  As I have said, enjoyment in life is largely found not in what happens to us but the attitude we have in dealing with what happens.

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