Sunday, May 12, 2013

Choices and Their Impact

A couple of weeks ago, country music legend George Jones passed away.  Jones was known during his younger years for hard living and an addiction to alcohol.  He was also known for his marriage to Tammy Wynette and his golden voice.  Like all people, Jones had some great flaws as well as some great strengths.
Late in his career, Jones brought out a song called “Choices.”  The song describes the life of a man who went through the course of his life making some poor choices along the way.  The song tells of voices that influenced the young man to succumb to pressure to drink and voices of his family that encouraged him to stay sober.  The song speaks of regret over many of the choices the singer has made.  The chorus of the song concludes that if the singer had made different choices he would not be “living and dying with the choices I made.”
We all make choices on a daily basis that impact the future direction of our lives.  Some choices we realize are important at the time while the importance of other decisions only becomes visible later on down the road.  As Christians, every moral choice we make needs to be influenced by the presence of Christ in our lives.  When we look to Christ to help us make our choices we will live in such a way that we will not have to fear to live and die with the choices we have made.

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