Sunday, December 1, 2013

Have a blessed week ahead!

Like some of you who read this blog, I am a fan of The Hunger Games trilogy.  As you are likely aware, the second film in the series, Catching Fire, was released recently to theatres around the world.  People lined up for hours to gain one of the coveted spots at the first screening in cities across the country.  These people had read the books and seen the first film, and they were hoping the second movie would live up to their expectations.
As the people of God, we have read a book that tells us about a place we are going to see.  Just as all the fans of The Hunger Games pictured the Capital and the Districts in different ways in their minds, we too picture Heaven in different ways.  The Bible gives some clues as to what Heaven will be like, but much of the detail is left to our imaginations.  For the book lover, Heaven might be a kind of library.  For the music lover, a beautiful concert that never ends.  For many of us, the opportunity to see our loved ones again makes the thought of Heaven very precious to us.  I don’t pretend to understand exactly what happens when we die or exactly what Heaven will be like, but I do know that we have the promise of Jesus (John 14) that Heaven is being prepared for God’s children.  Heaven will be far greater than any novel or even the Bible can describe.  There we will be in the presence of God forever, praising Him and enjoying the fellowship of all the saints who have ever lived. By God's grace, I plan to be there and I hope you are looking forward to that great day as well.

Have a great week!

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