Friday, March 28, 2014

Big Love

Today I was reading on a Christian blog about a young couple that had showed tremendous amounts of faithfulness and love in their relationship. The article was accompanied by a link to a video of the young couple overcoming great adversity in order to finally become engaged. When I linked to YouTube to watch the video, the sidebar contained numerous videos with titles like, "Coolest Proposal Ever," and "Ultimate Wedding Proposal Video." Honestly, I was intrigued and spent several minutes watching a few of the videos. Some of the proposals were cute, some were classy, and some were outrageous. One involved a celebrity appearance and another involved dogs dressed in wedding garb. The young men who had planned these proposals had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to prepare, execute, and document their efforts at wooing their girlfriends. The amount of thought was impressive, but something about these social media-friendly proposals struck me the wrong way. Romantic love is a wonderful feeling and one that needs to be celebrated, but romantic love is also a deeply personal emotion. Regardless of their intent, these young men had chosen to share that intimate emotion with the world and a part of me wonders, "Where does it end?" Many of us remember elementary school on Valentine's Day when parents (and sometimes students) attempted to one-up each other with the size and cost of their gifts. In a world where we share more of ourselves than ever before, I think we have mistaken exposure for intimacy. In your online life, I would encourage you to think before you share. Does what I am about to share send out positive energy into the world? Would my spouse/parents/children mind me sharing this with millions of other people? Will sharing this event/photo/experience cheapen its value in the eyes of the people it directly affects?
I can't pretend the romantic in me didn't enjoy some of those videos, but I also know that those events should have been just as special to those couples even if I had never known about them. Be careful with your heart, and be sure that when you are sharing it you know the true reason why.

Have a great weekend! 

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