Saturday, September 27, 2014

Everyone struggles

Everyone you know is struggling with something.
The young barista who serves your coffee is working two jobs to support her handicapped toddler.
The guy who acts like a jerk at the company party is filled with guilt about how his prescription drug habit is costing him his home, his family, and maybe eventually his life.
The older woman who sits on the bench at the mall is still besotted by grief 10 years after her husband's  death.
The strong and confident politician is fighting a private battle against the pornography addiction that has taken over his life.
The nurse at your clinic is contemplating whether or not to commit Medicare fraud in order to send her three kids to college.
Your preacher or pastor is fighting against burnout and frustration because the congregation may not be doing enough to spiritually support he and his family.
Your newly-minted adult children are grappling with trying to understand all the pressures that come with being an adult.

And what about you?
What are you struggling with today?
Greed. Hatred. Divorce. Lust. Anger. Apathy. Depression. Doubt. Addiction. Health problems.

Remember as you go out into the world this week:
Everyone is struggling with something.

With that realization, may we live with grace towards the people we meet. Whether they are our closest family members or strangers in line at the grocery store, let's resolve to smile, to speak kindness, to truly care about the concerns and needs of others.

I struggle so much everyday, and many of you who read this blog have been a great source of encouragement to me. I appreciate that, and I want to pay that kindness forward to the people in my life that need an extra blessing this week.

Let's keep being positive and looking forward and we will make it - together.

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